For The Love of MySelf – I Validated my Wounding and Let Go of The Past

‘Do not look for healing

at the feet of those

who broke you’

Rupi Kaur / ‘milk and honey’


Why is loving OneSelf such a challenging experience? I may even say, hard.

Are we not born from Love, into Love, as Love and Loved?


Our Love Coat

Sometimes our Love Coat has come unraveled. Torn. Undone. Or simply passed down and the fit seems off. Off because it is not ours for the wearing.

Sometimes it needs a few more stitches, or a button.

But what if the pins are still in the hem?


The Hidden Pins

The pins will prick you.

Bleed you.

But they will show you exactly where new stitching is needed. They will awaken you to things you would not see. Behaviours you should not tolerate. Abuse you should not turn a blind eye to.

They will scar you into your own knowing and deepest truth.

And you will mend your Love Coat even if the light is bad and the needle blunt.

For you will know that to love yourself is the First, and only Commandment.


The Worning and Torning

Wounding is inevitable.

By our cultures, our histories, our lineages, our self-righteousness.

By our families.

And by ourselves.

The wearing and tearing of our human experience is profound. Violent. Devastating and sad.

Yet, the flip side is magnificent. Beautiful. And courageous.


No One’s Business but Our Own

Once we reach the point of ‘enough is enough’, we can take responsibility for our healing. Instead of becoming the victim or martyr  – we have become the Phoenix.

Rising from our own ashes of destruction, wounding and sadness.

We have new Life because we can look at things differently.


The Magic Yoga Mat Ride

A committed practice of Yoga will open the doors of Self Love.

Yoga will ask nothing but breath and focus.

And of course, to show up on your mat.

You will feel dizzy.

Angry. Frustrated. Exhausted, beaten and disillusioned.

But practice and keep practicing – Breath, Focus, Showing Up.

You will connect with parts of you that were hurt.

A heart left in pieces.

Hip joints stiff from holding back the tears.

Your breath will be short from anxieties.

Your shoulders will ache from carrying so many unnecessary burdens.

And your feet – your feet will wobble as you stand in your true Self for the first time.


Look for Healing at Your Own Feet

Stand tall.

Wear your scars with grace.

And love, absolutely love, your feet – they have carried you and held you upright when you were broken.

Broken open.

So that you could put all the pieces where they should be.


And then, Loving OneSelf Becomes Easy

Easier than wearing a tattered Love Coat. Or a coat with sharp pins in the hem.

Easier than pain and not forgiving.

Easier than blame and confusion.

Easier than hard.









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