Self Acceptance is the Most Radical Thing You can Do – Apart from Yoga Sleep Pose

No amount of self-improvement can make up for any lack of self-acceptance.

Robert Holden

Self Acceptance is a tricky thing.

I believe it is even more difficult to practice than Self Love.

For self acceptance means accepting

  • ALL parts of yourSelf
  • ALL parts of your choices
  • ALL parts of  your shadow and uglies
  • ALL parts of your life that you do not like to think about – ever.

It is not just about saying, ok, I accept I cheated in a spell test in grade 1 – or ok, I accept I told a lie – or ok, I accept I was jealous or nasty or bitchy or whatever.

No – you have to sit with all of that. And more.

And if you sit long enough and often enough, then the feelings embedded in all those choices and actions, will start rising to the surface.

Of course, that is the time you either run away, or you sit some more.

Looking at OneSelf through the lens of total self acceptance is hard.

Don’t we all wish to be faultless and flawless?


The Truth is We are Not Flawless

We are perfect in our faults.

But when we try and live an image of perfect doing, we cease to be.

We are constantly on high alert, our nervous systems are shot by the time we hit 30, and our health by 50.


This is Beyond Self-Improvement

One cannot out run OneSelf.

Even opting for therapy, counselling etc will only take one as far as the awareness.

The rest is ALWAYS up to us.

Told you it is hard.


So What is the Big Deal with Self Acceptance?

Why not just let it be?

Nicely tucked away beneath the layers of memory, years and selective amnesia?

Because once one can totally accept OneSelf, our bodies can relax, our minds can rest and our hearts can be free from the beatings of anxiety, self-loathing, comparisons, regrets, fear and anger.

We can be our ‘unique worth’, as LA Shepard puts it.

Our deepest knowing that we are enough.


In Yoga

There is an ‘insane’ asana in the Ashtanga Tradition called Yoganidrasana, or Yoga Sleep Pose.

It is an asana for very advanced yogi’s.

It is said that in this asana, yogi’s often fall asleep – for it is a deeply calming pose.

To be able to do Yoganidrasana, takes many years of committed practice.

Similar to the practice of Self Acceptance.

And yet, one day, it just happens,.

And there you are, lying in a supine double knot, inverted and resting.

At peace with All that is.



Tips from a Yogi Who Cannot Yet Lie in Yoganidrasana

In my own practice of Self Acceptance, as with my Yoga Practice, I accept too that it is an ongoing journey.

Every day reveals a different layer.

Every day is a gift to unwrap.

Some days I love the gift, some days I only like the wrapping. But I carry on.

Because in accepting ALL of MySelf, I receive Peace and Calm.

And if I can know and experience Peace and Calm, then what I share with the world comes form a better place.




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