The Wayfarer Landrover

The Landrover Defender is a legendary vehicle.

It has crossed continents, fought in wars, been on African Safaris.

It is loved by many. Ridiculed by more. But in my experience, it has been my greatest travelling companion, by far.

Looking at the Landrover Defender, you can’t but think

  • Safari
  • Africa
  • Fun and Freedom.

And therefore it is definitely the Wayfarer’s ultimate choice of transport.


Here is the interesting story of how the Landrover was born:

“When Maurice Wilks sketched the concept for a “go anywhere” vehicle on a sandy beach in 1947, he had no idea that his brainchild would blaze the trail of adventure for the next 70 years. He proposed the forward-thinking Defender design to his brother Spencer, Rover’s Managing Director, and the rest, as they say, was history.

There was also an interesting story behind the name. While Spencer was driving his heavily modified Rover 12 across the rugged landscape of the island of Islay, the estate’s gamekeeper saw the vehicle tackling the difficult terrain and remarked that it must be a “Land Rover”. A name that has certainly become as legendary as the vehicles themselves.” (words by Baxolile Msomi / Communications Manager, Landrover South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa).

16 Years ago, I found myself in possesion of my dream car – a Landrover Defender TD5 110. 


And 16 years on, I am still driving this legend.

May my Landy live on –  for many more exciting adventures, beyond the unknown.


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