Yogi, Wayfarer…..

Freedom is a place.

It is a place in you.

And it is possible to be in that place. Every day.


There is a BUT

Because we believe something entirely different.

We believe we are not free – because that is what we’ve been told since day one on earth.

And we never dared to question the collective, because then we will be ostracised from family and community – and probably church.

But luckily times are changing and more of us are questioning. And more examples of what freedom looks like and could feel like are at our disposal.


Freedom and Money

Does money make you free?

I have met people with little money who I sensed lived in this place of freedom.

I have seen people with menial jobs, who I knew lived in this place of freedom.

Yet, I the great seeker of freedom, was still not free.

Because I still believed that something outside of me will give me freedom.


Freedom can’t be felt amidst the lies we believe

Until I just one day asked myself why I believed I was not free.

My mind came up with 100’s of reasons – from lack of money, to lack of success, to lack of self-worth, to lack of confidence. You name it, it came up.

After exhausting itself with the 100’s of reasons, my mind became silent.

And I challenged myself and asked my mind – what if I was free and I just didn’t believe it. More silence.

I sat with that silence and felt something from my heart, as if it was beating faster. Not faster as in anxiety, but in excitement.

I felt an excitement to a new possibility arising.

The possibility that I was indeed free.

And my whole body relaxed, my breath became deeper and I just knew then, that what I have been searching for, yearning for, was inside me all along.


Yoga means Union

Yoga will teach you that even in a difficult and challenging asana, with deep breaths and total surrender into the pose, there is a moment of total peace to be experienced.

That peace is freedom.

And that freedom is you coming into union with you.

We are creatures of habit, of belief structure and holding onto the known. But just one moment of challenging yourself to do or believe something different, can open a gateway.

The beliefs and patterns of habit that make you believe you are small, worthless and stuck can stand back for a moment, as you breathe into something not yet known.

Fear will arise.

Your mind will tell you that you are not safe.

Keep on trusting in your breath, in yourself.


Yoga is a gateway into You

It takes commitment and practice – to change the neural pathways in your brain.

Someone famous, and for the life of me I cannot remember who,  once said:

‘ whether you believe you can or cannot, you are right…’

Nothing and no one from the outside will ever make you free.

Nor bring you peace.

It has to arise from inside you – from the depths of your heart – from who you are, before the patterns and habits made you who you are not.


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