You have All the Options but your Choices still Suck?

Choice is a powerful thing.

It gives us a sense of power and the belief to change our lives.

Our lives rarely change, despite this knowing, because we are either afraid of change or of the consequences.

Yet, the heart’s choice will always be the right choice.


Try it – I Dare You

The Power of Breath

No matter what.

No matter who.

Choose from the heart by breathing deeply into stillness and silence.

You will feel what is right for your next step.

Before you roll your eyes at the simplicity of this – just try it.


Our Super Fear

Death is probably our super fear – but if we keep on choosing the same things that don’t bring us joy and love and freedom – we are dying every moment of choice.

How can we change that? To live and be our greatest choice – our own grandest freedom?


The Power of Choice

The power of choice lies not in the options –  but in the heart.

For far too long I believed that the more options I had to choose from, the better everything in my life would be – including me.

I was way off the mark

It is the place from which you choose that determines all of that. And the only place to choose from, is from your heart.

I learnt this from my yoga practice.


Doing Yoga or Being Yoga?

Whenever I arrived on my yoga mat with my heart left neatly outside the studio – the practice would be forced, laboured even – the joy would be minimal.

I would fool myself that I was feeling great and my body was benefiting.

But! The moments when I practiced with my heart present, every asana (posture) flowed – I was unhinged from having to make so many choices.  In essence, from doing.

I had made one choice.

Staying present in my heart.

And that made a whole new world of possibilities available.

Every day choices became simple.

Gone was the overwhelm and the fear of making the wrong choice.

Choosing from the heart is alwys the right choice

  • It is our given right.
  • It is our duty.
  • It is our gift – to ourselves and to all.





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