About Me

From the outside I had the perfect life.

I was good at most things, excelled at school and in sport, had loving parents, food, shelter, education and choices.

But something happened that made me live a lie.

The lie that I was happy and together and on the way to greatness.


It takes courage to face the lies

I imploded, slowly and violently, until I lay in a heap on the floor, collapsing from the constant effort it took to look happy and perfect.

It did take many years to stand tall again – and although it seemed impossible to get up from what I believed were defeats and failures – I did.

I looked depression straight in the eye.

I challenged the lies.

I confronted abusers.

And I believed in my wellness more than in my symptoms.


My years as a volunteer

I had apparently signed up to volunteer for the following experiences in this lifetime:

  • Depression
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Feeling abandoned
  • And victimhood.

And seeing that I became quite fed-up with these roles, and the repetitiveness of certain patterns – I embarked on a mission to discover what lay beneath these Soul destroying beliefs.

So I started unravelling myself.

And as I became undone –I involuntarily became my own expert.

The years became 2 decades, as I ventured into the Mystery of me.

But before you think it was all a jasmine scented garden – let me tell you that it was not.

Birthing and creating is a messy business.


Just when I thought I’d tried it all

Two new companions showed up.

Yoga and travelling.

So here I am, ready to share my insights gained on these unbelievable trips and sojourns into my Soul… And into India, Africa and beyond.

Warning as this tale unfolds itself into stories of cathedrals, deserts and magic yoga mat rides – you might find yourself really enjoying the read.  If you’re not into new perspectives, on age-old issues, don’t read on…


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