The First Wave

I have been a lawyer, the manager of a renowned wine estate, a film student and a dog walker.

With Maui and Roxy

I have also walked the tightrope and fell face down into my life.

And like all professional seekers, I stopped questioning and started living into the answers.

Finding myself Solo, Savvy, Fabulous and Unsure.


Life is Either A Daring Adventure (Or Nothing at All)
copyright angeline engelbrecht


The Second Wave

So I became a Second Waver, as I call it. Maybe the first wave was over, or it never happened.

Either way, here I am – an explorer of my body, mind and spirit.


Being the Change

This lead me to stumble upon a universal truth that changed my life.

That the one thing that makes us all the same, is our ability and necessity to breathe.

Yoga became the gateway for me to explore my breath, and ultimately change the way I look at life.

Experience life.

And explore the ways to stand in my sovereignty.

Fully embodied.


It is simple. Really.

I know – it is way too simple to change one’s life simply by breathing because what about all the other really important things we have to attend to?

Like what, I ask you.



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