A Most Simple Note To Self

Happiness is our natural state.

Believe it or not.

But there are a few things in Life that seem like par for the course:

  • suffering
  • uncertainty
  • guilt
  • fear
  • death

However, so too are these par for the course:

  • love
  • peace
  • calm
  • contentment
  • happiness

And here is the kicker – every moment we get to choose.

We get to choose our reactions, our actions, our feelings.

And that alone should make us feel pretty fabulous.



What happens is that we choose the same over and over again.

Mostly from the first box because we believe very strongly in suffering, fear, guilt…

Either because it has become an entrenched pattern and habit. Or everyone around us is choosing the same and like sheep we follow the masses.

Let’s face it – choosing happiness is hard work.

It involves the rewiring of our beliefs and patterns and most importantly, it asks us to stay present and awake. To not fall into the future, the past or memories that do not serve us.


So Today

I got up and wrote the ‘Note to Self’.

And stuck it on my wall.

Because –

Today I choose to be happy – no matter what or who.

Today I choose to feel happy – no matter what or who.

I shared it with my family and friends because in me choosing Happiness, a ripple effect will be sent out – and if someone else chooses Happiness today, the world is already a happier place.

No matter what.

No matter who.

It is most simple.

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