I, the Unrepentant Wayfarer

We are all travellers, wayfarers – walking this earth.

From stardust to stardust we journey, and in between, we work, play, drink coffee and eat chocolate.

Or, we work, stress, fight, compete, accumulate things – and drink coffee only to stay awake. Chocolate remains a treat – a decadence to be earned.


We all get everything, don’t worry

We all get poverty, loss, riches, happiness, sadness and death.

But we get it at different times. So that we may have compassion, and show kindness to our fellow travellers.

Instead of judgment, self-righteousness, and selfishness.



No Regrets, and Yoga

My most interesting itinerary has been the journey from debilitating depression to joy. Traversing dark nights of the soul like some climbers go back to summit Everest. And my companions – loss and heart break – whom I sat with, slept with and finally accepted as all part of me.

But the one thing that always pulled me up and out was my commitment to yoga.

Sometimes it was the phyiscal practice, othertimes the philosphy – most times it was that reconnection into feeling present.

Even when travelling as a stranger in foreign lands, yoga linked me back into sync with everyone.  And remembering that we share more than what we think we do. We share breath.

And with every breath, I feel we are all connected – and I recall the famous Edith Piaf song ‘Non je ne regrette rien’ –

No, nothing of nothing… I don’t feel sorry about anything





Live your precious life, so as not to regret living.




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