The Bearable Lightness of Being, is Our Sexiness of Being

There exists this yearning, longing, sometimes even a pining – for something better.

More joy, more tolerance, more love.

To be seen, accepted, acknowledged.

To be sexy, sassy, special.

We are at war – spiritually, mentally and physically – yearning for a fulfilment, perfection and some ideal out there.

But what if that does not exist?

What if we can imagine our wholeness, instead of our brokenness?

What will happen then?


An Imaginary Tale

Once upon a Time, in the years between the 2 Great Wars, Life, for a moment, was exuberant again.

Whether from the relief of the end of Word War 1, and the not knowing of World War 2 – who knew?

But people lived.

They loved. They danced all night and watched sunsets rise on promise.


And So The Story Goes That


There prevailed a feeling of carefree abandon.

Bohemia existed – even amidst the rubble of war.

It was the time of the True Adventurist.

Of the Sexy Explorer – when manners were cool, pleasures a virtue and style as essential as not owning a gun.

Of indulging the senses. And coming alive again. Of relishing a respite from the world. And wars.

Of celebrating the Beingness of each other. Of aliveness. Of Life.


But We – We Forget

And we suffer because of our forgetting.

Forgetting that

  • Our Beingness is natural, inherent and light.
  • Our Beingness is kind, gentle and real.
  • Our Beingness is sexy, sassy and special.

We don’t need more wars and warring to remember this.

What we do need is celebration.

Celebrating ourselves, others, Life.

Celebrating that we are filled with aliveness.

Remembering this, IS our bearable lightness of Being.

Remembering this, IS our sexiness of Being.

And this, IS Marlene Dietrich whispering in our ear:

‘Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful, I just know what to do with them’….


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