‘A Diva a Day Keeps the Boredom at Bay’

Title credit: Marc Almond, ‘St Judy’ (Angels, Divas and Blacklisted Heroes / Jeremy Reed)

What’s your Diva?

We all need something extraordinary to engage in when boredom hits us – and it hits even the best of us. Those times when the usual extraordinary has become your ordinary, and you know it is time to up your game.

A few months ago, I apparently thought that juice fasting was mine.


Have you ever been on a juice fast?

Juice, Coconut, Holy Water from Lourdes – those fasts where you are to morph into this super sexy diva holding fresh young coconuts – tanned, trim and ….. happy!

I’m not talking about fasting for religious reasons.

I’m talking about fasting because it is mega healthy to do so.

That’s the official version.


Let me tell you

That I have been on a juice fast for 7 days, and I thought I would die.

The outcome was indeed worth doing.

  • My skin WAS clearer.
  • Brain fog gone.
  • Aches and pains gone.
  • Weight loss but that’s inevitable.

The retreat was lovely and the host Annie a gem.

But it takes a serious commitment.

And I suggest wait for summer!


There is one very important thing to remember when doing a juice fast:

It is a commitment between you and you.

And the reason I say this is because you cannot fast to impress anyone.

I think initially, the only thing that kept me going was my sheer resilience to not fail at something I have willingly paid for.

But then –  there comes a day that is like no other:

  • I felt like absolute death. Which is worse than death.
  • I felt so yuk that I was willing to trade my Wayfarer Landrover for a cup of instant noodles.


copyright angeline engelbrecht
Old Man Green Coconut Bali

Recently,  I heard about the Coconut Water Fast.

Unfortunately I cannot write anything about it because I have not experienced it.

But allow me to say that Coconuts are indeed one of the most powerful superfoods on this planet.

Apparently, during World War 2, after Pearl Harbour was bombed by the Japanese – the hospitals ran out of blood. The legend goes that coconut water was used in the IV drips in lieu of blood.

Many lives were saved.


But right now

My Diva a Day that Keeps Boredom at Bay, is coffee!!

copyright angeline engelbrecht
Waiting for Coffee Ubud


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