I Get Asked This a Lot : How do You Manage Being Single?

"By persistently remaining single, a man converts himself into a permanent public temptation." (Oscar Wilde) That's my answer too. Except, in my case, it would be 'a woman coverts herself into a permanent public temptation.'   Take Away It all comes down to attitude. The only thing that you can ever control in this life,... Continue Reading →

‘Success – Going from Failure to Failure without Loss of Enthusiasm’

Title credit: Winston Churchill Let's own up. Success is the panacea to making everything right and jolly. Once we have success, everything will be ok. Of course it is true. But it is definitely not the whole Truth. The thing is, success is in its essence, such a personal thing. Yet we have made it... Continue Reading →

Free Trade within the African Continent and the Wisdom of Yoga

As the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement has been signed, the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga can be found in the most unlikely of places.   So how did I make this quantum thought leap from an African Trade Agreement to Yoga? Yoga literally means Union, to come into union - and the realisation of... Continue Reading →

Our Unique Self-Expression, instead of Mirror Mirror…

We live in a world that is very much 'Mirror Mirror on the Wall - Who is the Fairest of Us All'? - and we still wonder why we are not happy. In comparing ourselves to others - ¬†through magazines, Instagram, YouTube, TV - whatever medium or platform we use - we are eroding our... Continue Reading →

‘A Diva a Day Keeps the Boredom at Bay’

Title credit: Marc Almond, 'St Judy' (Angels, Divas and Blacklisted Heroes / Jeremy Reed) What's your Diva? We all need something extraordinary to engage in when boredom hits us - and it hits even the best of us. Those times when the usual extraordinary has become your ordinary, and you know it is time to... Continue Reading →

Our Shadows are not Weightless

Our shadows are heavy burdens to carry if we don't integrate them. We cannot escape our shadow - we cannot drift for too long away from who we truly are. Because our shadow is an integral part of us. We are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings. To the ego, the shadow represents the 'uglies'. The parts we... Continue Reading →

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