They Built a Cathedral from a Picture in a Book.

All this stuff about living and creating your dream, was really getting to me.

And the reason being – it was so exhausting.

I had no energy left to actually recognise whether I may indeed, be living and creating my dream. So busy was I with using tools and methods that will bring me the rainbow and the pot of gold.

But just before I became totally deflated, The Wayfarer Landrover and I went on a little trip.

Deep into the dirt roads of South Africa’s interior.

And what we came across caused such a paradigm shift in me that I am back in the trenches, believing that I do have the power to create my dream.

CAVEAT: As long as my dream is in alignment with my heart.

That’s the trick.


Beliefs are the key

So – it is said, that if you can hold an image or a vision of something you wish to create, with focus and intent – it will be.

Despite the odds.  

Yet how to bring this fact into your daily life seems almost impossible.

It is way too simple. Or is it?

We believe in hard work, with sweat on our brow. Burning the midnight oil and sacrificing our joy for something we wish for.

And I am no different to anyone else – I too was part of that casting crew. Until I came across a real life, tangible example. And I could finally make that paradigm shift.


The Real Life Example

It was a new year’s morning, the sun was hot at 9 am as I drove with my Landrover into the very sleepy (or hungover) settlement called Pella.

On the further banks of the Orange river, in the Northern Cape hinterlands of South Africa, lies this tiny settlement – overshadowed by a huge church. Not your average church mind you. No, this one looks more like a cathedral, with vaulted ceilings and flying butresses.

The interesting fact about this cathedral, is that it was built by 2 missionaries from France who had no previous building experience.

What they had –  was a picture of a cathedral, found in an old encyclopaedia.

And a dream. 

The year was 1885. The 2 missionaries were Father Simon and Brother Leo Wolf.

They set to task. Bricks were made 9 kilometers away. The sun violent. The heat relentless.

An impossible task.

But 7 years later, there it stood.


Yoga and the Trenches

Now I ask myself – would I have had that type of commitment, focus and intent?

To build not a cathedral, but myself, into my most beautiful potential?

Can I trust myself enough to believe in my own dreams?

Are my dreams coming from my heart – or am I imitating someone else?

In yoga there are many asanas that are rather terrifying when you first try them.

Especially a headstand, shoulder balance or backbend. And every time it feels as if you are not supported, nor safe – you have to breathe a bit deeper and surrender.


Surrender – your life is on track

How often have I been in a taxi on my way to catch a flight, stressing that I will be late – not for the first flight, but for the connection flight.

It feels as if your entire existence depends on making that first flight.

But what if it all bombs out on that day?

Do you lose your temper, or be rude to the flight attendant? Do you blame whatever and whoever springs to mind?

Or – do you have enough trust to breathe deeply?

And to remember that no matter what, your life is on track. As long as your dream is your dream, emanating from your heart. Not a regurgitation of someone else’s.

Your cathedral might only have one pillar right now – but you know how to build one because there it stands.  Building the rest will be easy.

Not effortless – but easy.

It is all a choice.

Your choice.









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